Seasonal Programs


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Cabin Fever (Dec - March)

Let the sun shine in with the hottest music-making initiative around. Research shows winter to be especially depressing for many. It’s vitally important to the health and wellbeing of a community community to stay active, and happy.

During the coldest months, turn up the heat and beat the symptoms of cabin fever away with a little Social Drumming.

Spring Awakening (March - May)

Try something new during the spring season when the trees and flowers are starting to bloom again.

Invite Social Drumming into your community and explore world rhythms, songs, and instrumental classics sure to breathe the essence of life into your community.

Summer Sensations (June - Aug)

Summer months are a popular time to book an outdoor event facilitated by Social Drumming. We can set up on a patio, in a courtyard, or even in the parking lot. With plenty of drums and hand-held percussion instruments for any theme; go ahead and plan a luau, anniversary, birthday party, or other celebration unique to your community.

Fall Festival (Sept - Nov)

Autumn is our favorite season. The leaves are changing colors and the air is cool and crisp. It is traditionally a time to give thanks and recognition to those who have done so much to fill our lives with joy and happiness. A season to reflect on songs and lyrics that have a way of bringing individuals together for a common cause. Social Drumming provides a great vehicle for an all-inclusive community activity.


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